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The SMDC maintains a suite of modern robotic instrumentation that permits high-throughput biochemical and cell-based screening of our compound collection.


Our HTS instrumentation is compatible with 96 or 384-well formats and includes liquid handlers, bulk dispensers, and plate readers. We have two instrument set-ups. Through a partnership with GE Healthcare Bio-sciences we have acquired the capability to perform high-throughput high-content cellular screening with the IN Cell Analyzer 2000, an automated epifluorescence based microscope system capable of imaging a 96-well plate in less than three minutes. This system is integrated with a Biomek FXp liquid handler, Biotek EL406 plate washer/dispense and Perkin Elmer Envision plate reader.

Beckman FXp Liquid Handler
GE IN Cell Analyzer 2000

In addition, a smaller integrated system contains an GE Healthcare IN Cell Analyzer 1000 imaging system and a Molecular Devices Flexstation III plate reader

Molecular Devices Flexstation III Plate Reader
GE IN Cell Analyzer 1000

Additional free-standing instrumentation with walk-up functionality includes a Molecular Devices Analyst HT, a Matrix Wellmate Bulk Dispense, a Biotek EL406 plate washer/dispenser and a Biacore 4000 high-through surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument

Matrix WellMate Bulk Dispenser
Biotek EL406 Plate Washer/Dispenser
Molecular Devices Analyst HT Plate Reader
Biacore 4000 Surface Plasmon Resonance


The Chemistry Core of the SMDC is supported by automated chromatographic purification capabilities. Our instrumentation includes the Biotage SP1 system for flash chromatography, a four-channel parallel HPLC with automated sample loading and fraction collection, and the Genevac Mega 1200 Series II high capacity evaporator.

Biotage SP1 High-Performance Flash Chromatography (HPFC) System
Biotage ParallexFlex Four-Channel HPLC System
Genevac Mega 1200 Series II Evaporator