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DECEMBER 5, 2011

UCSF, GE Healthcare Team Up on Pioneering Cord Blood Project

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APRIL 13, 2011

UCSF Team on Trail of Prion Treatment

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July 21, 2010

Anti-parasitic Drugs for Neglected Chagas Disease are in the works

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February 18, 2010

UCSF enters drug discovery agreement with Genentech

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October 15, 2009

UCSF Researchers Join Consortium to Target Cancer in New Ways

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July 15, 2009

UCSF researchers help crack parasite genome, identify drug leads

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October 27, 2006

Jim Wells: Helping to Fill the Drug Discovery Pipeline

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April 7, 2006

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has entered into a research and license agreement with Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company located in South San Francisco.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Small Molecule Discovery Center (SMDC) at UCSF is granted a limited license to utilize Sunesis' fragment-based drug discovery technology Tethering®, for academic purposes. The SMDC intends to leverage Sunesis' technology to identify novel small molecule drug candidates. In return, Sunesis receives an exclusive royalty-free license to any improvements to the Sunesis technology or fragment libraries that emerge from the SMDC's research. In the event that any small molecules are discovered using Sunesis' technology, Sunesis will have a right of first negotiation to in-license the compounds.