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HTS Workflow

Projects carried out by the SMDC in conjunction with user labs consist of 3 main phases:

  • Assay Development
  • Scale and Screen
  • Data Analysis

A summary describing the screening workflow steps and the required contributions from the SMDC and user labs during each phase of the project can be downloaded from the documents section (see HTS Screening Workflow Outline).

Assay Development

Most assays need to be modified to make them suitable for high-throughput screening. Please see Assay Development for further information.

Scale and Screen

When the assay is reliably scaled for HTS (e.g. with an average Z prime > 0.5 when 30-50 plates are run at one time and an average hit rate of 0.5% or less), routine screening is performed with the oversight of SMDC personnel. Please see Scale and Screen for guidance.

Data Analysis

Raw data is processed by SMDC personnel using Pipeline Pilot, a commercial application currently available only to trained users at UCSF. Pipeline Pilot interfaces with relational databases, allowing storage and subsequent retrieval of all assay and compound data deposited into the system. The results of a screen are posted to a website where users can view their data, including preliminary structure-activity relationships (SAR). Please see Data Analysis for further instructions.

Supplemental Information

After data is uploaded into the SMDC database and analyzed, a limited number of compounds will be supplied to the user lab for follow-up characterization of the primary hits. Please review Cherry Pick for directions.

The SMDC Screening collection consists of approximately 150,000 compounds acquired from commercial sources. More information can be found at Compound Collection.

Instructions regarding the submission of a screening proposal to the SMDC can be found at the Apply Now page.

For more information about the SMDC High Throughput Screening Workflow, please see Compound Collection, Assay Development, Scale & Screen, Data Analysis, and Cherry Pick.